Sunday, November 13, 2011

5 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Approximately, 1 in 4 Americans have high blood pressure (Hypertension). Hypertension increases the chances of getting heart disease, kidney disease, and dementia. Hypertension often doesn't have any symptoms. Thus, it is extremely dangerous and is sometimes called “the silent killer”. It is very important to have your blood pressure checked regularly. A good blood pressure reading is 120/80 or lower. Below, I have listed 5 natural ways to decrease blood pressure and prevent hypertension.

Follow a Healthy Eating Plan

High blood pressure can be reduced by an eating plan that includes fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy foods and is low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Reducing Salt in Your Diet

Currently, the guideline is to consume less than 2.4 grams (2,400 milligrams[mg]) of sodium a day. Low-sodium diets can help prevent blood pressure from increasing and help blood pressure medications work more effectively.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Blood pressure increases as body weight increases. Losing just 10 pounds can lower blood pressure. Losing weight has its greatest blood pressure lowering effects for those who are overweight and already have hypertension.

Limiting Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol can raise blood pressure. It is recommended that women limit alcoholic beverages to 1 drink or less per day and men limit alcoholic beverages to 2 drinks or less per day.

Engaging in Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise can help decrease your resting heart rate and blood pressure. Try exercising aerobically 20-30 minutes 3-5 times per week. Aerobic exercise includes activities like walking, running, biking, and swimming.

Warning: If it is determined that you are hypertensive, always consult your doctor for the best approach to lowering your blood pressure.

Gage Livingston
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Milwaukee, WI


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